What the hell is a life coach?

Clive and Micheal provide insights into exactly what a life coach is and ways that related services can support us in our lives. The pod includes updates on the gentleman's relentless hunt for Russell Brand + there's a new entry into the infamous hall of form!

Interview with Coach Micheal Hilton - one half of the Men On Form team (Ep 2)

One half of the men on form team coach Micheal Hilton is on the hot seat. In this interview, Micheal opens up about earlier life addiction challenges with drugs and alcohol, struggles with depression and the realisations that led him to turn it around and become the inspirational coach he is today.

Meet your hosts and what does the word ‘form’ really mean? (Ep1)

The world will never be quite the same, the Men On Form podcast is finally here! In this first episode, you'll be introduced to your host's - Coaches Clive Maxheath and Micheal Hilton. We're discussing what the word 'form' means to us, our motivations for the podcast and plans for future episodes.